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soutache & how to care

I use a 1mm thickness, 3mm width of soutache braid with various materials.

Shibori silk ribbon is very soft to the touch .
Wire jewelry is a silver& gold filled one & cooper.Working with braid ,depend of design the back is covered by suede or leather.

How to care:

If Your jewelry get dirty,using a delicate detergent [ hand soap ] and tepid water[being careful to not scratch the braid or beads] with a soft cloth wash the dirty spot.After that use just water.When You finish ,wipe softly with a dry cloth.

Be careful:

# Don`t use a lot of detergent or put directly on spot [ make the essence in a different bowl - tepid water &detergent ].

# Don`t put away Your jewelry If are not dry.

# Preserve in jewelry box [ the best way is not to be in contact with air or to put together dry sheet- in this case the silver parts will not change the color].

# Apply Your make or perfume before You put on Your jewelry.

# Take of Your jewelry before applying hand or body cream.

# Remove Your jewelry before shower or swimming.


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